Marsha Lederman, Globe and Mail
Charles Mudede, The Stranger
“Beautiful and at times genuinely profound, it’s an experiment that pays dividends.”
Bryce Wilson, Paracinema
“captivating and unlike anything I have seen before”
“An exhilarating sensory immersion.”
Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter
Janet Smith, Georgia Straight
“astonishingly visual documentary filmmaking technique”
“the kind of film SX attendees look for and it will be enjoyed long after the festival ends.”
Rebekkah Adams, Miss A
“Relentless in its beauty.”
Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly
“Making a far more effective case for environmental protection than a dozen “Inconvenient Truth” knock-offs”
Andrew Barker, Variety
“meditative and visually captivating film”
Caitlin Moore, Slackerwood
“Clearly, it’s a love story”
Kate X Messer, Austin Chronicle